Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shop Vegan: Lip Gloss

I've decided to dabble in switching all of my cosmetics into all vegan products.
First up, my lip gloss. The lipstick I usually use is Cover Girl "Daring" lipstick. I originally used Cover Girl cosmetics because they were endorsed by Ellen DeGeneres, a fellow vegan and animal lover. However, some websites report that the company still tests on animals. So I thought to be safe I'd find a new lip color.
In searching for just the right color I came across Dark Heart Designs Cosmetics
The link will take you to the color I use called Cadence Lip Stick.
The makeup is very affordable and made it to my house in about a week. What I like about it is that it isn't as sticky as most types of lip gloss I've tried. So for example, if my hair blows in my face I'm not suddenly eating hairspray.
Terrible lighting, but you can see the cute bag the lip gloss comes in.

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