Thursday, January 12, 2012

Now what? Get Smart.

So you’ve made the plunge to become a vegan. You’ve swapped out organic 2 percent milk for vanilla almond milk and learned which of your favorite restaurants offers vegan burgers to go. You've probably decided fake cheese isn't for you, but that vegan cupcakes will make everything right in the world.

But now what? 

First you need to get smart. That's right you've got to learn and learn so when the time is right you can teach and teach. 
The worst part about being a new vegan was having all this information I wanted out, but the minute I bombarded family and friends with "facts" they had follow up questions. They even came armed with their own "facts" and I was ill-prepared to handle it. 
By the end of the argument it was either tied or Meat Eater 1, Vegan Veronica 0.
Vegan shopping is easy when all you need to do is find the produce department!
So before you corner your siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins or co-workers with a list of reasons why abstaining from meat is the best choice for their bodies and the planet, make sure you know why. 
Below is a list of websites that have helped for me, but you can also find your own by hitting the bookstore or surfing the web.

Why Vegan-Vegan Outreach-tons of information here, take your time and process everything so it sticks.
Choose Veg - website really helps with beginners and is a great resource for longtime vegans.
Meatless Monday- great site for people who aren't quite ready to take the total plunge. Books on My Nightstand-List of books and cookbooks to help get started.

Feel free to add any other resources in the comment section. 

It should be noted that while you might have a sudden urge to impress upon everyone your new found knowledge, do try your best not to be the ever eager vegan. It can be tiresome and soon people will put a wall up whenever you start spouting off about how dairy cows are restrained almost their entire lives and how exactly foie gras is made. I usually don't get on my vegan soapbox until someone asks me why I am not eating meat or when they try to challenge me about my beliefs. Then its on like a cage-free Donkey Kong!

Peace and love ya'll.

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