Friday, February 6, 2015

In the morning

Before the sun is awake, in the deep, dark, stillness of early morning I hear her cries.
Sometimes a giggle, sometimes a babble, but then, always a cry.
I stumble out from underneath the warm covers and into the shock of cold as I make my way into her room.
There's my girl.
Sometimes sitting, sometimes standing, but always crying.
She leans against the crib walls tightly hugging her bear. I scoop her up and she rests her head on my shoulder.
Good morning little girl.
Sometimes I sit in the rocking chair until I am fully awake. Sometimes I march straight to the kitchen to brew the coffee. But always she is in my arms.
The crying stops. Mama is here.
In the morning.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Moving week

Today we are moving into our new house.
I am so sick of moving. In the last seven years we have moved 15 times. Or at least that's what I was told by Craig. I hate moving. I hate boxes everywhere, I hate living out of suitcases and I really hate having to unpack it all.
However, since I consider myself a bit of a moving pro, I thought I'd offer some tips for people who aren't familiar with the upheaval of life that comes with being nomads.

Top 3 tips for moving
1. Trash bags over hanging clothes. I saw this idea on Pinterest and have been hooked ever since. Just gather a bunch of clothes on hangers (I even hang up some clothes that would normally be in a dresser because it's so much easier to transport this way) and cover them with a trash bag pulling the hooks out of a small hole at the bottom of the bag.
If you're moving across town just lay move them as is, but if you're going long distance you can put the clothes in a large moving box. So when you get to your destination all you have to do is pull them out of the box! I like to tie the hooks with a rubber band if that's the case so they don't slip around in the move.

2. Label like crazy. After one of our many moves in Eastern Washington we came across that annoying problem of not being able to locate an item in the any of the boxes. The day after the move my brother-in-law, who came over to help, was up early to drive back to the west side of the state. He wanted to take a cup of coffee with him and while I had the coffee maker out and ready to go for him we could not find the sugar. I had dozens of boxes labeled KITCHEN but we spent about half an hour opening boxes that were stacked up on each other searching for that darn sugar! We eventually found it. But I learned my lesson. Now boxes get a number of labels. For example: Kitchen: coffee pot, utensils, dish rags.
I don't label everything inside, but I make sure to write down the important things I know I am going to want to find at some point.

3. Purge. Moving is a great time to do some spring cleaning. As I begin packing  I like to pick out items and clothes we don't use anymore. If it's still in good condition I'll put them in a trash bag or box to take to Goodwill. But if it isn't (like say that white dress your daughter ate spaghetti in) then it goes in the garbage. It's kind of nice to get rid of that extra weight. I mean, why do we need so many coffee cups?!

Anyway, hope this was informative in some way. Right now we are at that stage of everything just gets tossed in a box. Fun times.

Monday, January 19, 2015

No money for a gym membership? No problem

I've decided to break up my workout regime posts. This one is about the workouts I do and later on this week I'll tell you about HOW I find time to workout with a full-time job and a kid. First up, I'd like to introduce you to my friends. Well, they don't know we're friends. But we are. They are my personal trainers. They are my motivators. And they make it so I never have to buy a gym membership AGAIN. Now I like to do a mixture of workouts, yoga, Pilate's, cardio, strength training so sometimes I stray and use other videos on YouTuber's outside of this list. But these YouTuber's are the core of my fitness regiment. I consistently use them and go back for more.

1. Millionaire Hoy
I am starting with my favorite! Why? Because if you only read about one fitness YouTuber this is the guy you should know about. If you have been working out for years and are looking for a challenge. This is your guy. If you feel like you are on a plateau when it comes to getting results, this is your guy. If you are a newbie this is still your guy, because he offers modifications for all his workouts.
Check out his channel. You won't be sorry. Also there's nothing more SATISFYING as the fist bump he gives you at the end of your workout.